Standard Mobile Container Miner Box (ASIC Miner)
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  Product Name : Standard Mobile Container Miner Box (ASIC Miner)  
Model No. : UNIC-Miner-0002
Features : Basic parameters£º
1. Product type: Standard container miner(shipping);
2. Maximum stand: It can accommodate up to 448 units Bitmain S19 series (400¡Á195.5¡Á290mm) and Avalon A10/A11/A12 series (331¡Á195¡Á292mm) ASIC Miner;
3. Composition module: Power distribution module£¬Rack module£¬PDU module£¬Ethernet module£¬Weak electricity module;
4. Miner type: Adaptive ASIC miner;

Distribution parameters:
1. Working voltage: AC 380V~415V 50/60Hz (TN-S 3 phase 4 wire star-connection system) ;
2. Working current: 3348A(max phase current )£¬Operating phase current 2232A;
3. Total power: 2200KW(max)£¬Operating Power 1470KW;
4. PDU: AC 380V 24 outlet(C19)¡Á20 sets;
5. Machine stand design power: According to bitmain APW 12 power(3250W)design£¬The host stand position is preset according to 3500W*notes;
6. Incoming cable: Outdoor overhead£¨YJV-0.6/1KV 240¡Á4+ 120¡Á1£©*notes;
7. Transformer adaptation: 2000KVA transformer£ºCan support 1 set Mining-BOX work;

Box, frame, weak current parameters and precautions:
1. Box structure and material: 40HC customized Steel container;
2. Shelf material: square steel+steel plate Welding customization;
3. Miner layout: 56 columns and 8 floors;
4. Box weight: About 8.5 tons;
5. Box size: Overall dimension£º12192¡Á2438¡Á2896mm; Inner space size£º11774¡Á2282¡Á2661mm;
6. Box color: Grey (RAL7035) * optional;
7. Door opening direction: Right door opening(Independent doors are installed in cold and hot areas respectively);
8. Network: Wired Ethernet/Wireless bridge*Optional; 48 Port 100Mbps switch¡Á10;
9. Cooling system: 1) External water curtain wall at air inlet end *optional; 2) Steel louver or steel mesh at air inlet end *optional; 3) The negative pressure fan at the hot air outlet end adopts 1220 380V belt type ¡Á 16 sets, ventilation capacity: 592000 M ³/ hour;
10. Use environment: 1) Temperature£º-10¡ãC~45¡ãC; 2) Humidity£º5%~90%RH; 3) Altitude£º¡Ü3000m£¬Use of frequency reduction over 1000m;
11. Matters needing attention: 1) Mining-BOX It shall be placed on flat and hard ground without settlement; 2) If two layers need to be superimposed, the ground needs to be hardened according to the load of 24 tons; 3) 5 ~ 10 ton crane or forklift shall be prepared for loading and unloading; 4) Determine whether to configure water curtain wall according to terrain, climate and other factors; 5) Facilities outside the box such as stairs, walkways, transformers, cables, bridges and cable distribution boxes are not included in the accessories; 6) When placing an order, confirm the assembly scheme and door opening direction (from the perspective of the air inlet); 7) It can be lifted by the built-in miner as a whole, and the lifting times are unlimited;
12. After sales information: One year from the date of delivery (box, power distribution);

Assembly assembly:
1. Number and height of assembly layers: No more than 4 floors are recommended£¬11584mm(11.58m);
2. Longitudinal assembly: It is recommended that no more than 2 sets be placed vertically, which shall be determined according to the specific site;
3. Arrangement and requirements: 1) The transformer is located at the air inlet side, and the air outlet is opposite. It is recommended that the horizontal spacing of the box body£º16m; 2) The transformer is located at the air inlet side, and the air inlets are opposite. It is recommended that the horizontal spacing of the box body£º9m;
4. Assembly scheme: 1) Mining box (single use); Door opening direction: open the door on the right side facing the air inlet; 2) Mining box (2 vertical combination); Splicing method: longitudinal splicing; Door opening direction: double side door opening; 3) Mining-BOX£¨2 sets of three-dimensional stacking combination); Splicing method: three-dimensional splicing; Door opening mode: open the door on the left side facing the air inlet; 4) Mining-BOX£¨2 ¡Á 2) vertical three-dimensional stacking combination); Splicing method: Double longitudinal splicing; Door opening mode: double side door opening;

Product Size : L400¡ÁW195.5¡ÁH290mm
Imprint Area Size : Customized
Standard Color : Grey
Packing/Size : /
Qty per Inner Carton :
Qty per Carton/Size : / 
Gross/Net Weight : About 8.5 tons
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